How to socialize a puppy – 7 most effective tips

Many people find it confusing to socialize with a new puppy. Well, training puppies is not easy but not as hard as you think. However, you should know new puppies need a different training way from your old dogs. Therefore today I will guild you on how to socialize a puppy. I would like to clear the topic through 3 main parts. Why – When – and How you should train your new puppy?

Let’s see an example video of Doggy Dan – an expert dog trainer. What he shares in the video may help you gain a bunch of knowledge of training a new puppy.

Why do you need to socialize a puppy?

New puppies knows nothing about this world. Even don’t they have an idea of the relationship with humans. Therefore training a new puppy is important. This will help your new puppy to fit in this world.

Moreover, new puppies may be so much sensitive to things around them. Such as sound, movement, other animals or smells. This is absolutely when they need our help. Socializing your new puppy will help it to know how to interact with everything around. Firstly it will learn how to communicate with other dogs. Secondly, they will know their role at home or to humans. And many other benefits you achieve.

When do you need to socialize with a new puppy?

Below is a timeline in which you can see the changes in the ability to learn of puppies.

  • 3-12 weeks old: puppies are acceptable to anything. You should train them to have good habits in this period.
  • 12-18 weeks old: puppies are easily understood and learn what you teach.
  • After 18 weeks old: Puppies have their own favorites and habits. So it will be harder to train them.

How to socialize a puppy?

I would like to give you 7 effective tips to socialize your new puppy. Let’s discover what they are.

How to socialize your puppy with other dogs?

Soon after you bring your puppy home, it’s time to start out his socialization training. It’s important to show your pup to different dogs at an early age. In order that he learns to urge alongside them. Puppies who aren’t socialized sometimes never learn to “speak dog” and have fear or aggression problems. It’s vital to only pick safe dogs to interact together with your puppy in order that she has positive experiences.

Puppy training - How to socialize a puppy?
It’s important to show your pup to different dogs at an early age. In order that he learns to urge along side them.

Socializing a puppy with vaccinations

Don’t expose your puppy to other dogs or public places until he’s had vaccinations. Most puppies won’t get them until they’re 15 to 16 weeks aged. You’ll be wondering: If the perfect window for socialization is 7 to 16 weeks? How are you able to safely do so?

Use Controlled Environments to socialize a puppy

Invite friends and family over. If your puppy isn’t allowed out, bring the people in! Ask them to get rid of their shoes before coming into your home just in case they’ve stepped in something which will spread harmful bacteria.

Invite safe, friendly dogs to your home. If you’ve got friends who have friendly, healthy, vaccinated dogs, invite them to return to meet your puppy at your home.

Visit those friends’ homes, too. This is often safer than letting your puppy enter a public park or during a neighborhood. Cause you don’t know the dogs who are there. Make certain to hold your puppy from the car into your friend’s home.

Don’t Bring Your Puppy Near Random Dogs

When you see stranger dogs near your puppies, just be careful. Those dogs may be aggressive dogs and may hurt your puppies.

This is especially important when you’re at the vet. Dogs who visit the vet could also be sick. If you let your puppy greet them, you’ll be exposing him to a contagion. Carry your young puppy into the veterinarian’s office, and keep him in your lap (or during a crate) until his system is protected.

Socialize your puppy by meeting different people

Pick different people. Puppies should be exposed to people of various genders, ethnicities, ages, shapes, and sizes. The more variety you introduce, the quicker he will learn that variety is that the spice of life!

Pick the proper people. Confirm that everybody you select to interact together with your puppy knows the way to do so in a positive manner. If children cannot hold or pet your puppy correctly, they ought to not interact with him. Remember, a negative experience during this critical time can make your puppy afraid.

There are tips to socialize a new puppy
To help your puppy know it’s role to human, you need to know how to socialize a puppy by seeing different people.

Play games as puppy socializing

Below are some games you can use with your new puppies.

Pass your new puppy

Divide your puppy’s meal of kibble into small plastic bags, one bag for every person visiting. Before starting the sport, inform everyone the way to properly hold the puppy by supporting her buttocks. The primary person then picks up the puppy and provides her a bit of kibble. The person touches one among her paws, gives her a bit of kibble. Touches another paw, gives a bit of kibble. With her ears, it gives a bit of kibble. Touches her tail, gives a bit of kibble. Looks at her teeth, gives a bit of kibble. Then the person passes the puppy on to a subsequent person, who goes through an equivalent routine. This game teaches your puppy that it’s rewarding to possess people handle her.

Puppy Recalls

Divide your puppy’s meal of kibble into small plastic bags, one bag for every person visiting. Have everyone sit during a circle on the ground, with the puppy within the center of the circle. One person calls the puppy to return and holds out the piece of kibble. When the puppy goes to the person, she gets the kibble and much of petting and praising. Then somebody else within the circle repeats the routine. This game teaches your puppy that it’s rewarding to approach people.

Avoid Negative Interactions to socialize your puppy

All socialization isn’t good socialization. Bad experiences at an early age can make negative impressions for years to return. Sometimes, certain situations are just an excessive amount of for your puppy. If he’s having an honest time, he will look the part. Ears are going to be up, eyes are going to be bright, and he may wag his tail or whole body and actively seek interaction. If your puppy isn’t enjoying himself, learn to acknowledge signs of stress to avoid causing emotional harm, including:

  • Cowering or clinging
  • Ears down and back
  • Lip licking
  • Sleeping (all young puppies take frequent naps, but if you discover your puppy sleeping tons once you have her out or at a busy event, she may very well be shutting down)
  • Tail tucking
  • Turning the top or body faraway from people that approach
  • Yawning


So we are going to the end of this writing. Today you have learned how to socialize a puppy. Socializing your new puppy is important. Cause it will help your new puppy to the role in this work. The best time to train a new puppy is from 1-18 weeks old. After 18 weeks old, it’s harder to train the puppy a new thing. And I also suggest you 7 tips to socialize your new puppies.

To understand your puppies more, I recommend you learn about dog’s body language. I had a specific article about the topic. Click here to enjoy it.

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